• Wes Berg, Australian Ironman endorsing Blue Heeler Original Care.

    "The best recovery cream I've used in 21 yrs as a pro athlete"
    Wes Berg, Ironman

  • Joel Parkinson, Pro Surfer uses Blue Heeler Original Care

    "Really helped my body recover & keeps me performing."
    Joel Parkinson, Pro Surfer

  • Courtney Hancock, Ironwoman, uses Blue Heeler Care for injury recovery and skincare.

    "It's leading the way for sports, injury recovery and skincare."
    Courtney Hancock, Ironwoman

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    Blue Heeler Original Care

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Blue Heeler Original Care

The whole body relief breakthrough

Our scientifically formulated body cream is crafted with exceptional natural ingredients that deliver results. Blue Heeler Care is easily absorbed and feels great while it renews, relieves and restores your body. 

Multi-purpose. Designed to be highly anti-oxidant and nourishing. pH balanced so it is suitable for body and face. A synergistic formula that is naturally good for whole body care with no nasties like Parabens, mineral oil or petrolatums, dyes or artificial fragrances.

Featuring breakthrough BioCuplex, that provides immediate and ongoing benefits that supercharge the body's own reparative processes. It's laboratory proven to be a potent anti-oxidant. This special copper...

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Ali Day, Ironman

Ali Day, Australian Ironman | Blue Heeler Care"I relied heavily on using Blue Heeler Original Care...It helped me back up and race again the next day."
"I use it whenever I am sore, need a massage or the night before I compete. It doesn't leave me oily or greasy."    
Ali Day

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Kurt Tippett, AFL

Kurt Tippett AFL Swans uses Blue Heeler Care for training and injury recovery
"Blue Heeler Care helps my body recover after training and big games."
"I have found it really beneficial on my knees, ribs and hands. It has helped me get back on the field fast."
Kurt Tippett

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